Uniting cultures through fashion.

Anita Lara, artist at heart and designer by profession, arises from the admiration and appreciation she feels since she was a child for the handmade textiles created by the artisans from her country: Guatemala.

Anita Lara

Guatemala is the cradle of the Maya culture, one of the most important ancestral civilizations of the world which emerged 3,000 years ago, bequeathing extraordinary contributions to humanity, including
the most accurate solar calendar, the invention of the number zero, its special architecture including the largest ancestral pyramid in the world, La Danta.

The Maya developed handmade textiles, precious works of art that involve hundreds of hours of work of the artisans that through their embroideries and colors narrate stories and traditions of the place where they live.


In 2015, Anita Lara because of her high admiration for the Mayan textiles, created her brand and takes advantage of her vision and ability to design women's luxury fashion, creating synergy between the heart of the Maya artisans and their embroideries and her soul embodied in each one of her creations, resulting in contemporary works of art for the global woman.

Dress detail

With absolute refinement, high-end finishes and attention to every detail, Anita manages to capture
the soul of every woman enhancing their sense of individuality and presenting them with the experience of feeling distinguished, unique and special.

Dress design

Led by Anita and completed by the specialized hands of pattern makers, dressmakers and artisans, each design involves intense hours of teamwork.


In a world dominated by fast and unethical fashion, Anita Lara is breaking barriers creating sustainable and timeless fashion with authenticity, ethnicity, social and environmental awareness using handmade materials. These characteristics promote her as a beacon of hope for artisan communities in her country trusting that together they will preserve the Maya textile art which is in danger of extinction.

“Anita Lara's mission is to globalize the Maya Culture as a treasure of humanity”

Anita Lara moments

Symphonic Orchestra
Symphonic Orchestra
Symphonic Orchestra

For the first time in history Guatemala's National Symphony Orchestra performed in matching outfits. The women wore an Anita Lara gala design made with peau de soie and a beautiful Maya fabric stitched with black cotton and golden metallic threads.

Dress Paris

Anita Lara in the fashion capital of the world.

Dress Taiwan Dress Taiwan

Anita Lara was a part of a Guatemalan Art exhibit in Taiwan.

Anita Lara's store opening

Grand Opening of Anita Lara's new store in Guatemala City.

Elisa Vegas

Elisa Vegas, niece of Carolina Herrera, became the first woman in history to direct the National Symphonic Orchestra, seen here wearing Anita Lara.

First Lady Patricia Morales

Guatemala's First Lady Patricia de Morales wearing an Anita Lara
handcrafted outfit at the Ibero-American Summit.

Zury Rios

Zury Ríos, during her presidential campaign,
wearing a beautiful handcrafted jacket in her favorite color.

Miss Guatemala Julieta Urrutia

Miss Guatemala and Miss International 1984 Julieta Urrutia.

Laura Vadillo

Laura Vadillo representing Guatemala at Miss International in Tokio, Japan.

Lorraine Quinto

TV presenter Lorraine Quinto wearing Anita Lara.

Melanie Müllers

With a spectacular Anita Lara dress,
Melanie Müllers greets the US presidential couple at the Red Cross Gala.

Gaby Moreno

Grammy Award winner Gaby Moreno wearing Anita Lara.

Fashion Shows

Another way that Anita has found to contribute socially is by having fundraiser events, these past two years, she has had 5 Fashion Shows to benefit the works of Valle de Panchoy Foundation, Margarita Tejada Foundation, FundaNiñas, The Rotary Club and Fundecan.

Fundraiser Events Fundraiser Events Fundraiser Events Fundraiser Events Fundraiser Events

A look at the journey of Anita Lara.